From a Surfer after radical pterygium excision with conjunctival graft…

Dear Dr. Stevens,

My eye looks great! I am truly grateful to your knowledge and skill.  You've improved my vision and my social life.

From a patient after she got her new glasses from Dr. Stevens' prescription…  

Dear Dr. Stevens,

I finally found time to say thank you for helping me to SEE.  I cannot remember the last time I could see so clearly.  It's great! I thought I was doomed to a life of fuzziness.  I am glad I listened to that small voice inside of me to seek a second opinion.

I am getting the knack of using these trifocals.  At times it's a challenge with the arthritis in my neck knowing where and how to move or hold my head, but it is a lot easier with these glasses than with my other ones.

Tomorrow is the test.  I have to take a pre-employment vision test.  I'm confident that I will pass but still afraid that the screen will go blank like it has done the last two times I have gone through this type of vision testing.  I think I know the trick - allow my eyes to re-focus. Thank you again for the clarity in my life.

From a lady cornea transplant recipient…

Dear Dr. Stevens,

I have sent my thanks to the donor family of the cornea, but without your knowledge and skill in placing the cornea in my eye, it would have been of no help at all.  I thank you and honor you for your use of that skill to help me attain good vision in my right eye.  I know this is a long term goal and there will be changes in progress, but even at this point (4 weeks ago today) there is marked improvement, and I am happy that I started on this procedure.

I appreciate your patience in explaining the problems and developments to me as time has passed.  It was a memorable day when you agreed to accept me as a patient.  God bless you as you continue this wonderful work.

From a patient who moved back to the mainland…

Dear Dr. Stevens,  

Just a note to let you know that I have seen Dr. Gathard a couple times, and he is a very nice person.  Every time he looks into my eye he remarks on what an “excellent job” you did on my eye.  He is very much impressed with the job you did.  I thought that you would like to know about the praise that a fellow doctor has given you.  Thanks so much for the referral. Thanks again for all your expert care.  I was very fortunate to have been your patient. May God bless you.

From the wife of a corneal transplant recipient…

Dear Dr. Stevens,

As you know Bob has rarely resisted the temptation to ask to take with him some issues of your large type Readers Digest magazine.  Thank you for being so gracious about that, and I'd like to express my sincere thanks with the enclosed 1-year subscription.  With best regards I remain sincerely yours.

From the friend of a patient…

Dear Dr. Stevens,

Thank you again for agreeing to see my friend last weekend.  She thought you were very good and told me how gracious you were.  When I heard you saw her on Sunday, knowing it was supposed to be your weekend off, I was doubly impressed to hear your graciousness.  Dr. Fullberg at University of Iowa Hospitals is the opthamologist who told me about your training and recommended you to me and I felt it was an excellent referral.  I'll try to send you someone during more normal hours next time!

From a 75 year-old cornea transplant recipient…

Dear Dr. Stevens,

Thank you very much for your skillful surgery in my cornea transplant operation.  I have visited Dr. Kuwayama and I have given him the papers you sent by me.  He says my eye condition is very good.  And of course I am continuing the use of my eye drops.  I am also thanking the eye bank of Hawaii and Missouri, and through their procedure I am anonymously thanking the family of the donor of my cornea, to whom I am tremendously grateful.

From a 13 year-old girl who had a benign eye tumor removed…

Dear Dr. Stevens, 

Thank you for doing my eye surgery. I am feeling much better.  I'm happy my red spot is gone.

From the daughter of an 85 year old corneal transplant recipient…

Dear Dr. Stevens,

Thank you so much for the love and care you have for our dad and all your patients.  It's so evident to see that.  We are so blessed to have you as our Dad's ophthalmologist. You're great!

From a referring physician and patient…

Dear Dr. Stevens,

Boy!  Do you deserve bragging rights for at least three years.  I saw my dear friend and patient in the office today.  While I was sick, she cheered my spirits immensely with a beautiful miniature waterfall at Hana.  This morning, she brought with her one of the projects she's working on.  She is painting GRAPHICALLY and with beautiful realism, orchids in bouquet and still life setting on canvas no larger than an airmail stamp!  I would suggest that you get a picture of Margie at her “studio” (she can do everything on a lap top overturned Pepsi carton with a pallet made up of the top of a jelly jar) and put this on the office waiting room as “after” cataract surgery!

As you know you have my ultimate confidence (my new glasses are working great) and I always feel that whenever I send a patient your way, they will receive a quality of care that is equivalent to that, if not superior to what we try to provide at our office.  Too frequently in our life people never get a pat on the back, so please consider yourself well patted.

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